Needs List

Homeward Bound benefits from a wide range of donations throughout the year. As our pantries are filled, we have noticed some donations are utilized more than others. With limited storage space, the list below provides specific items needed by our families on a daily basis. Before dropping off your donations, please always contact Volunteer Services at 602-263-7654, ext. 335.

Basic items needed

diapers sizes 4, 5, and 6
vacuum cleaners
pots, pans, dishes, and glassware
cleaning suppliessmall working appliances
bedding, pillows and linens
irons and ironing boards
personal hygiene items

Furniture needed

twin and double bedsdining tables and chairs

Special arrangements will need to be made for furniture donations, as Homeward Bound does not have a truck to pick up items. There is always a need for volunteers to help pick up items.

Food Needed

We are continually restocking the food pantry and need various food items. Please consider holding a mini food drive in your company or neighborhood to collect one of these items: beans, pasta and sauce, cereal, juice, and sugar.

Call Volunteer Services at 602-263-7654, ext. 335 or send email to [email protected] about donations or if you’d like to volunteer to pick up donations.

Automobiles Needed

Homeward Bound accepts vehicles that are running or not running. Safe, reliable vehicles are given to our families to help broaden their employment options. If you would like to donate your running vehicle to Homeward Bound for one of our families, call 602-263-7654, ext. 320 or email [email protected].

Vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) that are not running are handled for Homeward Bound by Vehicles for Charity. If you would like to donate a vehicle that is not running, please contact Vehicles for Charity at 1-800-833-3006 and let them know you are donating the vehicle on behalf of Homeward Bound. Vehicles for Charity is a non-profit organization that provides a comprehensive vehicle donation system in partnership with other non-profit agencies. A portion of the proceeds is given to Homeward Bound.

In-Kind Gifts

To reduce operating costs, Homeward Bound works with donors who provide gifts to offset hard costs. These gifts may include legal and accounting services, property maintenance, and equipment or supplies. If you are interested in assisting Homeward Bound by providing in-kind gifts or services, please call Volunteer Services at 602-263-7654, ext. 335 or send email to [email protected].